Mocking SpongeBob Meme…

Mocking SpongeBob Meme...

According To Wiki one of the most popular new memes known as “Spongemock”“Mocking SpongeBob” or simply the “SpongeBob chicken meme”, is spreading like wildfire across social media. The image is also paired with text that alternates capital and small letters throughout. “Do IT LiKE tHis. and The Mocking SpongeBob meme is used to mock someone. As with most things, the simple plot of the cartoon episode, which had little to do with mockery and much to do with chickens and plaid, became political in nature to some. The image was used quite a bit in offensive posts and jokes making fun of retarded or autistic children. In fact, the term “Retarded SpongeBob” quickly brings this to mind.


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