Sussy Baka Meme Template

sussy baka Meme Template
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This is the blank meme template of Sussy Baka. You can customize this blank meme template of Sussy Baka and make your funny memes.

Sussy Baka, made up of the terms “sussy,” meaning suspicious (originating from the video game Among Us), and “Baka,” meaning “fool” in Japanese, refers to a number of videos by TikToker Akeam Francis in which he says variations of the phrase, “you’re such a sussy baka.” A number of Francis’ videos have inspired popular Original Sounds on TikTok and have seen use in video edits and memes across social media platforms, becoming a well-known catchphrase on its own

Sussy Baka Meme
Sussy Baka Meme
Sussy Baka Meme

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