Selene Delgado Meme Template

Selene Delgado Meme Template
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This is the blank meme template of Selene Delgado. You can customize this blank meme template of Selene Delgado and make your funny memes.

Selene Delgado Lopéz or Selene Delgado refers to an urban legend about a missing person who initially fascinated true crime enthusiasts before it was potentially proven that “Selene Delgado” never existed. The case was amplified by a 2020 hoax in which a woman named “Selene Delgado” friended many people on Facebook, making some wonder if it was the same missing person. Ultimately, evidence suggested that Delgado was a hoax created by Channel 5. The image of Selene Delgado used by Channel 5 began seeing use in video game mods in the summer of 2022

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