Protein Bor Meme Template

Protein Bor Meme Template
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This is the blank meme template of Protein Bor. You can customize this blank meme template of Protein Bor and make your funny memes. Protein Bor is an intentional misspelling of “protein bar” that’s spammed in TikTok comments as a way of poking fun at the way Irish TikToker James Doyle pronounces “protein bar.” The catchphrase became a prevalent, spammable comment and copypasta in July 2022. Irish TikToker James Doyle (@jamesdoylefitness) focuses primarily on fitness-based content and will often review food items such as protein shakes and protein bars (example shown below). Though it’s unclear when people on TikTok first started commenting “Protein Bor” on his videos, Protein Bor Meme comments on the above video are dated to July 16th, 2022, which also aligns with the search interest on Google for the term.

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