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Mocking Spongebob Meme Tempalte
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This is the blank meme template of Mocking Spongebob. You can customize this blank meme template of Mocking Spongebob and make your funny memes.

Spongebob chicken, Spongebob mocking meme, Spongebob mocking, Spongebob repeats, Spongebob mock, Spongebob stupid, sarcastic Spongebob, Spongebob duck. According To Wiki The image of SpongeBob used for this series comes from the episode of the animated comedy series SpongeBob SquarePants called “Little Yellow Book,” which first aired on November 25th, 2012.[1] In the episode, Squidward reads SpongeBob’s diary, where he discovers that whenever SpongeBob sees plaid, he acts like a chicken. The earliest iteration of the scene being used as a meme occurred on May 4th, 2017. Twitter user @OGBEARD[2] posted a screenshot of the scene where SpongeBob acts like a chicken with the caption “How i stare back at little kids when they stare for too long.” The tweet (shown below) has received more than 73,000 retweets and 147,300 likes in five days.

Mocking Spongebob Meme
Mocking Spongebob Meme
Mocking Spongebob Meme

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