Mapi Meme Template

Mapi Meme Template
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This is the blank meme template of Mapi. You can customize this blank meme template of Mapi and make your funny memes. Mapi is a virtual host of a game show of the same name on the Spanish television channel La 1. Following the unveiling of the character, it became a subject of memes among Spanish users online.

On July 14th, 2022, Spanish TV network RTVE started advertising Mapi, an upcoming game show co-hosted by the titular character, a pink-haired virtual girl with a large head. On that day, Twitter account @MapiTVE for the character and the show was launched, posting the first preview clip the same day. On July 27th, 2022, @MapiTVE tweeted an introduction video for Mapi which received over 2.6 million views, 800 retweets, 5,000 likes, and over 9,800 quote tweets, effectively getting ratioed (shown below).

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